If you have problems using online booking, then phone David Potts on 07540 689606.

Better to phone for help than struggle on through difficulties too long. But have a look below first.

Frequent Issues and Hints

  • the most common one is that emails are sent to you, but are caught by your "Spam" filters, and so you don't see them in your Inbox
    These filters are designed to prevent you getting proposals of marriages from Russian beauties, etc, etc, but they can also exclude things that you want. The mails aren't lost they just go into a special file in your email account called "spam" or "junk". So look there first.

  • You are not sure whether your payment has gone through, or has gone through twice
    In either event, we check for both occurrences, and will inform you of any problems - that is, whether you have not paid, or overpaid (this has never happened)

  • You made a Mistake and ordered the wrong tickets
    Phone, and we can correct the order, and re-issue tickets.

  • You keep having to re-enter your details if booking several varieties of tickets
    Use the MORE TICKETS button at the bottom of the dataentry screen, and when you have booked everything you require, THEN enter your details and pay in one go.